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Dark Match Results – September 16, 2014
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Prior to tonight’s WWE SmackDown taping in Biloxi, Mississippi, Sami was involved in the following match.

The dark match in between tonight’s Main Event and SmackDown tapings saw Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn defeat The Ascension when Neville hit Red Arrow on Viktor while Konnor was outside of the ring. Neville and Zayn got a big pop after the match.

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NXT Stars TakeOver Raw – WWE Raw Slam of the Week 9/8
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NXT Stars Sami Zayn & Tyler Breeze show the WWE Universe that the future is now.

NXT Spoilers – October 9, 2014
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NXT Spoilers – October 2, 2014
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NXT Spoilers – September 18, 2014
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Spoiler Inside SelectShow Poll – “Did Adrian Neville betray Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver?”
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20140912pollWith NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way over and done, have posted a new poll asking “Did Adrian Neville betray Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver?”. Currently, we have 67% saying no and 33% saying yes. What is your opinion? Go ahead and use the link below to cast your vote.

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Sami Zayn is visibly distraught
Sep 11th,2014 Filed in Exclusive Author: admin

Following his heartbreaking loss at NXT TakeOver, Sami Zayn is at a loss for words.

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NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Coverage
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Fatal 4-Way Match – NXT Championship
Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze

After the entrances and intros are over, the bell rings. Lots of crowd support for Sami Zayn as things get underway. There’s a brief four-way standoff as the guys creep towards each other before Zayn steps back. They finally go at it with Breeze and Zayn locking up while Neville and Kidd mix it up. After the action spills outside, Zayn and Neville end up face to face back inside. Before they can throw down, the other opponents come back in and rejoin the battle. Zayn and Breeze get into it on the floor again and Zayn takes a time out to snap a selfie with a fan’s cell phone. The crowd eats it up. Kidd breaks free of Neville to attack Zayn and they end up scrapping in the ring where Zayn goes for a submission via the clutch. It’s broken up and all four dudes slug it out on the ramp. Kidd and Breeze double-team Zayn after Neville is neutralized, taking him back in the ring to work him over in a big way. Breeze blocks Neville from intervening and Zayn stays on the receiving end of things. Breeze goes for a pin, angering Kidd who kicks Tyler’s face in and tries to pin Sami himself. Zayn kicks out twice but Kidd keeps him on the mat. Neville comes in again and Kidd chucks him outside.. Kidd keeps at it put he can’t put Zayn away. Both guys keep at it for a while and Kidd manages to stay on top for most of the ensuing action. Neville and Breeze are totally MIA at this point.

Neville comes in once again and Kidd manages to toss him out the other side but this time Neville hops back in, followed by Breeze. A melee ensues and Breeze and Kidd end up on the outside, prompting Zayn to gear up for a suicide dive. Neville intervenes and hits them with a moonsault instead. With those guys out of commission, it’s time for Neville and Zayn to get it on. They hit eachother fast and hard for a few seconds but Kidd breaks it up. He whoops up on Neville and then turns his attention to Zayn, almost getting a pinfall for the title. He aims for the sarpshooter twice but can’t fully set it up. Sami tries to put Kidd away and Breeze comes in from out of nowhere, putting down every guy with a supermodel kick. Nevertheless, dude can’t get a single three-count. Breeze sets up Neville for the superplex and Kidd comes over to make it a double. Zayn slides in and ‘plexes all three of them, following up with a cover on Kidd who kicks out. The croed shows their approval by chanting, “This is wrestling!”

Zayn gets up and gets all fired up, whaling on Kidd and then getting stopped dead in his tracks after a boot from Neville. Neville hits a moonsault on Zayn but Breeze breaks up the pin and tries to get the win himself, failing yet again. He scouts Zayn once more and Kidd steps in, locking in the sharpshooter on Breeze who almost taps out. Neville prevents Breeze from tapping and Sami forces Kidd to break the hold. Now Zayn and Neville duke it out in the center of the ring. Neville charges Sami and he’s tossed over the top rope. After a short interlude with Kidd, Zayn hits Neville and then Breeze with aerial moves outside. He goes to pin Kidd and Neville pulls out the reff before the count of three. Now Zayn is really torqued and he heads out to confront Neville who waffles him with a superkick. Neville rushes the ring, hits Kidd off the top and covers him for the pin, retaining the title.

Winner: Adrian Neville

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NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Pre-Show Coverage
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